Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8 Episode 2

Today was the second episode of season 8 of Khatron Ke Khiladi. Rohit announced that ten contestants had performed yesterday and therefore, Karan and Monica were supposed to perform the first stunt of today.

Season 8 Episode 2

In the task, contestants one by one were supposed to drive a small car on a track and hit two very fast moving containers from the back. There were also some obstacles on the way and the more contestants could crush those, the more points they would get. Karan won the task by just a small margin and thus, the fear band was given to Monica.

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In the next stunt, the contestants were asked to lie down in a container which had three sections. Worms were added to the feet section, snakes were added to the abdomen section, while cockroaches were added to the head section.

The contestants had to separate white snakes from the middle section and put them in another box. Lopamudra, Ravi and Nia were asked to perform this stunt and it was eventually won by Nia. She and Ravi were then declared as safe by Rohit Shetty. However, Lopamudra was still made to wear the fear band and was told that she would perform in the elimination stunt.

In the next task, Shivani and Monica were made to compete against each other. According to the task, the contestants had to jump into a pool and swim to the tunnel. They then had to crawl or walk inside the tunnel against an extremely powerful water thrush and pull out one flag at a time. They then had to slide down the water and place the flag out there and then repeat the same thing twice more. Monica won the task by a slight margin ultimately.

It was then announced that Lopamudra and Shivani had to perform the elimination stunt. However, Rohit then declared that no one would be sent home today rather the same elimination stunt would be performed in the next week.


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