Episode 16 – March 20, 2016 MAAHI VJ ELIMINATED FROM THE SHOW

So today’s episode of khatron ke khiladi 7 was in continuation with yesterday’s show whereby the elimination stunt between Mahhi Vij and Parvathy Omanakuttan had just started. When the stunt got over, Parvathy got 3 flags out of 10 while Maahi got only 2 and as a result, got eliminated from the show.

Khatron ke khiladi 7 – Episode 16 – March 20, 2016

Khatron ke khiladi 7 - Episode 16 - March 20, 2016
Khatron ke khiladi 7 – Episode 16 – March 20, 2016

In the next stunt, there was a box hanging with the chopper and the contestant was enclosed in the box. The contestant was tied with three locks and he was supposed to find three keys out of four and open the locks and then jump down into the water. The twist was that the box was shaking very vigorously and it was very difficult to balance and find the keys. Tanishaa Mukerji did the stunt in mere 58 seconds, Mukti Mohan in 59 seconds while Jay in 1 minute 38 seconds. Arjun announced that Tanisha had got safe and the remaining two got fear bands.

Siddharth Shukla - Khatron ke khiladi 7 - Episode 16 - March 20, 2016 - 3
Siddharth Shukla

In the next stunt, the contestant had to drive a car behind a huge truck. He had to then fit the car between the front and rear wheels of the truck and there, the car would get locked. He had to then move out of the car into the truck and from there, move to a platform and release 5 flags from there. Siddharth Shukla performed the stunt in 1 minute 1 second while Vivian was super fast and completed the stunt in just 57 seconds.

fast moving boat in the water

In the last stunt for today, there was a fast moving boat in the water, behind which there was a handle attached to a rope. The competitor had to grab the handle and drag with the boat for maximum amount of time. Parvathy held onto the boat for 22 seconds, Sana 35 seconds, Raghav Juyal 37 seconds while Vivan Bhatena 38 seconds. It was then declared by Arjun Kapoor that only Vivan had got safe from elimination out of these four.

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